General Information
  General Background
The Office of Library and Information Services(LIS) was founded in the year 2002 in order to provide information resources and services, and to organize information services in support of teaching, learning, research, lifelong learning and edutainment of the University members. The Library provides students with access to resources 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere.
We aim to develop culturally advanced individuals with a knowledge edge acquired through lifetime reading in order to cultivate the minds of users. Therefore, to bring about innovation which can enhance the tradition of knowledge.
The Library serves University users to meet their information needs regardless of location and time.
  To be an information service point using various media to support the University mission.
  To be a digital library providing electronic information service from anywhere and at any time.
  To be a lifelong learning center of the University.
  To be a community information source which encourages the “Thai-cultural” mind.
  To be an archive of the University.
  To be a reading support service center that feels like an edutainment center.
  Information Services
  Circulation Reservation
  Information Desk
  Reading Area Service
  Online Searching Service
  Wireless Communication
  Internet and Multimedia Service
  Library Instruction and Information Literacy Program
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